Space plasma

Magnetic Fields in the Universe

Magnetic Fields In The Universe Rencontres du Vietnam

Magnetic Fields in the Universe: from Laboratory and Stars to the Primordial Structures is a peer reviewed conference by Rencontres du Vietnam (official partner of UNESCO). Most of the baryonic matter in the Universe is composed of ionized or partially ionized gas permeated by magnetic fields (i.e. plasma state). Magnetic fields therefore play a key …

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Magnetization of the Universe

Magnetization of the Universe

If NASA says it is a magnetic universe then how is the universe magnetized? The bold title by the University of Chicago is Astrophysicists settle century-old cosmic debate on magnetism of planets and stars. The research paper does not quite take that tone, suggesting it is a viable mechanic. Laser experiments verify ‘turbulent dynamo’ theory …

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Birkeland Nebula

Veil Nebula plasma kristian birkeland filaments currents

Called the Veil Nebula, the debris is one of the best-known supernova remnants, deriving its name from its delicate, draped filamentary structures … This close-up look unveils wisps of gas … The nebula lies along the edge of a large bubble of low-density gas … In this image, red corresponds to the glow of hydrogen, …

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Peer reviewed ‘EU’

electric fields plasma magnetospheres universe

Two recent peer reviewed type articles in have seem to suggest its a universe of plasma, magnetic fields and stars born in electromagnetic environments and circuits. Plasma universe The universe is made up of plasma, which is easily influenced by magnetic fields and forces, leading to complex behavior. Plasmas are found throughout the solar …

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Birkeland’s galaxy

Birkeland currents filaments galaxy clusters

If you could describe the physical structure of a galaxy formed by Birkeland currents then would the twisting filamentary nature of galaxy NGC 4696 be a fascinating example of a Kristian Birkeland galaxy? New observations from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope have revealed the intricate structure of the galaxy NGC 4696 in greater detail than …

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