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Banned subjects on Wikipedia


List of topic pages banned from Wikipedia? The closest article for this is fittingly on Wiki mentioning subjects that are forbidden, a List of Wikipedia controversies and well-known woo-woos. Below are links to more ban hammering articles. Deprecation by ScienceApologist 11a) The Electric Universe (book) “discredited” “Completely unauthorative, argumentative”. Using strong negative language, ScienceApologist has …

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Electric Universe meeting UK: March 2016

Electric Universe theory meeting 2016 UK Norfolk England March

Electric Universe theory meeting in the UK on Saturday 5th March 2016 in Norwich, England – mini talks, mega discussions. Multiple mini talks and discussion groups Meet, learn, discuss and help create EU theory proposals Meeting up with others interested in the EU theory is an amazing experience. Power up your Electric Universe and friends …

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    electric universe theory blog rant

    Is there something EU want to say? About a subject related to the Electric Universe theory? Or one rant you must get off your chest? And you do not want to just post it in a forum or as a comment but want your idea to be an article on the site that visitors can …

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