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The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies reviews

The Society exploring, debating, checking, investigating and publishing research papers in their journals, using Interdisciplinary Studies. Includes mythology (worldwide and Egyptian) plasma comparative mythology, new chronology and revisionism, Immanuel Velikovsky and many related subjects. The Society for Interdisciplinary Studies are a very knowledgeable crowd of their multiple disciplines. Some of the founder members were the …

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Electric Universe London meetings

Electric Universe London monthly meetings

The Electric Universe community is having a monthly get together. Get grounded in observable plasma structures and electromagnetic reality, mate, in London town. Monthly meetings discussing alternative interpretations, mostly EU theory and plasma based cosmology. Electric Universe London monthly meetings details Phil Francis will be there and speaking so it will be entertaining before, during …

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Are clouds the same in night and day?

Are clouds the same at night as during the day time

Are clouds the same at night time as during the day? Do you get any different formations in daytime or night time? Specific clouds for the rolling solar terminal on planet Earth? And other planets? Or only in specific places with certain natural variables? Or clouds are similar in both the sunlight and dark.

Rebel scum

Modified Newtonian Dynamics (MOND)

There are some scientists who do not follow their peer reviewed colleagues ideas of dark energy, dark matter, Big Bang theory, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, cosmological constant etc. A reporter saying a paper proves standard theories happens to mention the Dark side opposition. But dare not speak their names of MOND, super void models …

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