Singing Stones

Tears of Allah (singing stones part 3)

Singing Stones asteroids rocks music tones sounds China Altay

This is an English translate from a Chinese article on the Singing Stones of Altay Mountains Mongolia and the Qiemuerqieke Cemeteries (Qiemu’erqiek cemetary) Xinjiang China. Read parts 1 and 2. Are these ringing rocks (also known as sonorous rocks or lithophonic stones) natural geology that produces musical rocks, are they from a meteorite or were …

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Singing stones, China (part 2)

Singing Stones Altai Qiemuerqieke Cemetery China

This is an English translate from a Chinese page on the topic of the Singing Black stones near the Altai Mountains in Mongolia and the Qiemu’erqiek Cemeteries, Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. Part 1 and 3 have more on these musical Mongolian rocks, a subject known as lithophonic rocks and lithophones. Are these sonorous stones …

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Singing stones, Mongolia (part 1)

Black Singing Stones Altai Xinjiang, China musical

The main text below is from the introduction of a Chinese documentary called Stone man – Guardian of the soul (video loads very, very slowly) – about the Qiemuerqieke Cemeteries in Xinjiang China/Mongolia, and the Singing Black Stones of Altai, Mongolia. Are these singing stones (also known as sonorous rocks) from a fallen meteorite. Or …

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