Isle of Stegosaurus

stegosaurus scotland dinsosaurs tracks preserved

Do you think it stegosaurus? Why do a number of the different dinosaur’s trackways preserved around the world, show walking or running in the same direction? Perhaps including Scotland’s Isle of Skye. The newly discovered tracks form a single line, a few metres long, with a right-left pattern and two different-sized prints – as would …

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Pitchstone monadnock

pitchstone inselberg sgurr geology

A spectacular pitchstone ridge on the Isle of Eigg Scotland, rises out of the surrounding small islands landscape. Sgurr, which means The Notch, has sheer cliffs and is 400 meters (1300 feet) high. The island mountain Sgurr of Eigg in geology is known as a monadnock in the USA, inselberg in Europe or a koppie …

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