Prime number atoms and structures

prime number atoms particles structures

Are some atoms, particles, structures possibly constructed on prime numbers? University researchers suggest prime atoms and materials might be a possibility. Physical examples include parts of birds eyes, quasicrystals, meteorites The seemingly random digits known as prime numbers are not nearly as scattershot as previously thought. A new analysis by Princeton University researchers has uncovered …

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Make the [feathered] dinosaurs blush

Sun Earth climate connection plasma

Wonderful bureaucracy. Stuart Agnew Norfolk farmer, politician, Member of the European Parliament and [political] EU law rapporteur helped propose an official paper that suggests… Rather than human activity, the Agnew report attributes climate change to cosmic ray fluctuations and gravitational pulls from elsewhere in the galaxy, sunspot activity, ocean currents and greenhouse gas water vapour, …

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Nanodiamonds Dipoles

Nanodiamonds dipoles electric universe

Nanodiamond dipoles in space dusty plasmas, near plasmoid stars, with these diamond nanodipoles emitting electric dipole radiation? In astronomy, nanodiamonds are special because their structure produces what is known as a ‘dipole moment’ — an arrangement of atoms that allows them to emit electromagnetic radiation when they spin. Because these particles are so small they …

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Plasma ball lightning: Peer review experiments

plasma ball lightning experiments peer reviewed

Peer review ball lightning experiments investigating the very puzzling and mysterious plasma balls (plasmoids?) or just balls of lightning. It is remarkable that we could create the synthetic electromagnetic knot – that is, quantum ball lightning – essentially with just two counter-circulating electric currents, added co-lead author Dr Mikko Möttönen, of Aalto University. ‘Thus, it …

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Reviewed by Peers: astrophysical plasma experiments

Peer reviewed space plasma laboratory experiments

Recreating outer space plasma systems in the lab is not the latest SAFIRE experiment or more from Anthony Peratt. … it appears that electric fields may have a significant effect on the dynamics of the electrons, and a very strong electric field trapping the electrons usually forms at the plasma-wall boundary in laboratory plasmas. Recreating …

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