Wikipedia’s computational banter

Wikipedia humour algorithm

Wikipedia searching for the result of, trying to compute, to understand the meaning of the life’s work for ‘Dwardu Cardona‘. Did you mean: dwarf cardona Not even a ? bit of doubt. Even though the God Star that is and was Cardona at least made it into the footnotes of other pages or peoples Wiki …

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Polar hot spots are caused by Birkeland currents

The now accepted theory of sun-Earth Birkeland currents, what astro-physicists call magnetic ropes or flux ropes,[1] provides a mechanism to explain polar hot spots on planets throughout the solar system. CHANDRA x-ray data of Jupiter from 2000,[2] the Cassini image of Titan in infrared from 2009,[3] and Keck Observatory’s temperature data from Saturn in 2004,[4] …

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Hexagonal storm structures on Jupiter

hexagons plasma

Polygon hurricane type storms around Jupiter and hexagon shaped storms on Jupiters poles. Plasma and its electromagnetic structures are scalable. Are hexagonal shapes a natural structure in space weather, geology and the universe? Nasa’s Juno mission to the gas giant Jupiter has reached its halfway mark and has revealed new views of cyclones at the …

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Saturns equinox rings ice wall B

A stunning image of Saturn’s B ring, near the last Saturn equinox, with what appears to be a wall of material that goes vertical for over 2 kilometres. The rest of the B rings normal height is suggested to be only 10 meters (30 feet) high. Vertical structures, among the tallest seen in Saturn’s main …

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Iron stars and Jupiter brown dwarfs

Jupiter brown dwarfs iron stars

Jupiter brown dwarfs are usually found orbiting around iron rich suns – richly emitting or element transmuting iron stars. investigators want to distinguish between two suspects: a giant planet and a celestial object called a brown dwarf. Brown dwarfs are more massive than planets, but less massive than the smallest stars. They are thought to …

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