Saturn Polar Configuration

Living in the Saturn Configuration

Saturnian System Myth polar

What would it have been like for humans and life on planet earth to live during the time of the Saturn Polar Configuration theory (Saturn Myth, Polar Configuration, Saturn Theory, Saturnian Configuration etc) that the Thunderbolts Team suggest as our solar systems cosmogony? Living in the Polar Configuration The website long article called A Timeless …

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Solar system cosmogony: wandering stars and planets?

wandering roaming free floating stars planets

Our solar system cosmogony (formation, previous, present configuration) has many theories. Jumping Jupiters, the Nice Model, rogue brown dwarfs and more proposals are suggesting that the planets have changed orbits, migrated. The opposite to what was previously predicted. It’s like something out of an interplanetary chess game. Astrophysicists at the University of Toronto have found …

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EU theory: the Saturn Polar Configuration

Electric Universe debunked wrong falsified

What is the Saturn Polar Configuration? How could you physically get different and recent planetary configurations in a Saturncentric system? A history of David Talbott’s Saturn Myth theory and models.