Saturn Polar Configuration

Was Saturn the Sun?

Was is Saturn the Sun mythology configuration polar saturnium

Was planet Saturn the primordial Sun in ancient skies? Roman festival Saturnalia remembers when it ruled as the original star before usurper Jupiter. Other folklore around the world suggest it was in a fixed location, perhaps a Saturnian polar configuration?

This is explored through Electric Universe theories, plasma cosmology and mythology.

Faint young sun paradox

Faint young sun paradox velikovsky electric universe theory saturn polar configuration

Faint young sun paradox – it seems according to planet formation theory that when the Earth was formed our Sun was a lot cooler than it is today. This seems to cause a lot of issues with geology and other records of a young planet, as they are not following this theory. Here’s a climate …

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Wandering star and brown dwarf

wandering brown dwarf eu theory solar system

A new science report about Scholz’s star has suggested it to have passed relatively close to our solar system just 70,000 years ago. Theories based on the Electric Universe theory and how our solar system was created have suggested and are built on the idea that either a wandering star or wandering planet came close …

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