Saturn Polar Configuration

Saturn Configuration imagery

saturn polar configuration planets

These are a collection of images showing the Saturn Configuration planets and system in various forms. These are mostly from the viewpoint of those witnessing the spectacle from planet Earth and reflecting in the mythology. There are some Saturn Polar Configuration mythology symbols and diagrams but this is not meant to be a collection of …

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Saturn Hypothesis and Plasma Petroglyphs – UK meeting (23 April)

Society for Interdisciplinary Studies SIS meetings conferences

For those who are not lucky or wealthy enough to get to the Thunderbolts USA conferences or other EU conferences, there is the chance to meet up with others in the UK interested in the Electric Universe theory and especially Immanuel Velikovsky and plasma mythology. SIS, the Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, are holding their spring …

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Is Saturn a star?

Was Saturn a star failed brown dwarf

Is Saturn a star? Was Saturn a star? The same for Jupiter? Was it previously a brown dwarf star? Could it be a variation of a sub brown dwarf? Ultra cool brown dwarf stars have a temperature of between 300-500 Kelvin. That is between 30 centigrade (30 degrees above freezing water, a lovely summers day) …

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