Saturn Polar Configuration

leaving the only possibility.

Saturn Earth water isotope Phoebe

Leaving the possibility… that planetary configurations predicting a close Saturnian system with planet Earth have to be considered. Similar water evidence? The carbon dioxide presence places limits on how much of Phoebe could have evaporated to space after formation, leaving the only possibility that Phoebe formed in the very cold outer reaches of the Solar …

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Axis Moondi

Axis Mundi world tower

Fantastic image of a Moon pillar of light or lunar spotlight or something like that. Does mythology show what could be considered similar images? Those familiar with comparative plasma mythology may think they have seen or read about a similar thing. Saturn and possibly other planets sitting on top of a pillar of light, planets …

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Our Sun was born with a binary twin?

sun twin jupiter saturn binary stars pairs

What do you get when you add a theoretical physicist with a radio astronomer? A binary pair? A parent of binary twins? And mix that result with actual observations but interpreted and algorithmed? All stars born as binary pairs?

And what would that mean for everything?

Brown dwarf planets

Are brown dwarfs failed stars or are they Jupiter and Saturn like planets? Brown dwarf planets, not ultra cool dwarf (star) Jupiters (planet)? Sometimes a brown dwarf is actually a planet—or planet-like anyway. A team … discovered that what astronomers had previously thought was one of the closest brown dwarfs to our own Sun is …

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