Saturn Polar Configuration

The Thunderbolts of the Gods kebab

Saturn Polar configurations Shishkebabs

Saturn Polar shish kebabs? What are Saturnian planetary alignments such Talbott/Thunderbolts Saturn Polar Configuration or others proposed in the past? How do you physically get a BBQ style shish kebab of planets and keep the stack that way for 100’s or 1000’s of years?

How can orbits rapidly change whilst maintaining a shared common envolope of plamsaspheres and some of Earth’s environment to keep a few ancient humans safe to tell the tales? Welcome to Saturnian ShishkeBobs, my friend.

A new chronology for Saturn Configurations

hathor menat necklace suckling

Using the heliocentric cratering model to date moons in accepted chronology, may need to be modified. If impact material has been more recently catastrophically created then the history of Saturn’s moons could be very much younger. Other parent planets also?

The Thunderbobs Project™

The ThunderBobs Project

It has not always been official EU science theories and settled canon in what is now your Thunderbolts Electric Universe®. In one of those (slightly) I’m a Bobliever of The Thunderbobs Project™! David Talbott, in a 1995 interview with the AEON Journal, answers Dwardu Cardona’s most important question of his and today’s era – What about progress towards developing physical Saturnian models?

Wikipedia’s computational banter

Wikipedia humour algorithm

Wikipedia searching for the result of, trying to compute, to understand the meaning of the life’s work for ‘Dwardu Cardona‘. Did you mean: dwarf cardona Not even a ? bit of doubt. Even though the God Star that is and was Cardona at least made it into the footnotes of other pages or peoples Wiki …

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Electrochemistry deluges

chemical elements transforming transmutation

Water, hydrogen ions, chemicals, iron, nearly pure quartz sand created by electromagnetic/electrochemical processes in planets atmospheres and raining down. A scientific process in our solar system proposes water, Saturn, plasma material, magnetics – over 40,000 kilograms per second of electrochemistry rain. Earth now and in our past? Ring rain is highly contaminated with organic matter …

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