Saturn Day

Surprise Saturn magnetic field alignment

Surprise Saturn magnetic field alignment

Another electromagnetic surprise with Saturn’s magnetic field alignment incredibly close to its rotational axis. At the moment it is seemingly not theoretically possible. The difference is so tiny that the predicted value of tilt or out of alignment the Cassini instruments were looking for were values above 0.06 degrees. Cassini spacecraft makes its unprecedented series …

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Planet Amnesia evidence


There is a theory that humans have blocked out the Doomsday events or world wide catastrophes that have struck planet Earth a number of times in our history. But how could such massive physical events be forgotten by nearly everyone? Is this a significant argument or evidence debunking Immanuel Velikovsky and Electric Universe catastrophism? How …

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Hathor Cow Goddess

Hathor cow goddess Egyptian

Hathor is the Egyptian cow goddess. Not only is she a strange looking goddess – with female humans features mixed with large cow ears, large oval eyes and a crazy Egyptian wig or Hathor Hairdo – Hathor is also a very important ancient Egypt deity. She is also associated with the mysterious and can be …

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God King Scenario

Tutankhamun pectoral Mars mythology

The God King Scenario is a Velikovsky/Ackerman and Electric Universe theory inspired series of mythology books and a website run by Gary Gilligan. At the moment it is investigating the Egyptian world and mythology – especially the crazy numbers and physical characteristics of Egypts Gods, Goddesses and Pharaoh Kings. Who can even start to understand …

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Planet Siding Spring

Comet Siding Spring

Planet Siding Spring – a plasma scalability of comet Siding Spring and evidence for planetary catastrophes in an Electric solar system and Universe? Thanks to Gary Gilligan (of God King Scenario fame) who gave the SIS article link below. Gilligan also provided the God King Planet Siding Spring text at the bottom in an email …

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