Quartz sand castles


Rain transporting and depositing fine to medium grain quartz sand.

Modern geology theory destroyed?

extraterrestrial sands book review gary gilligan

Does the Extraterrestrial Sands book by Gary Gilligan stop The Rock Cycle and therefore destroy modern geology theory? Sand? A book about sand. Not even a book with lots of photos of half naked ladies on a sand beach. A whole book, even if it is fairly short and easy to read, about sand. When …

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Origin of Earth’s sand

Immanuel Velikovsky Worlds in Collision Electric Universe geology

Planet Earth has vast amounts of sand in total and concentrated in places. How did it get there? Where or what did it come from to be transformed into pure quartz sand? From lakes and grasslands with hippos and giraffes to a vast desert, North Africa’s sudden geographical transformation 5,000 years ago was one of …

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Coloured sandy beaches

green coloured beaches sandy how source

Coloured sandy beaches provide a fantastic and unusual vista – green, white, purple, orange, red, brown and pink sandy beaches with blue ocean water. Some are coloured sandy beaches due to the local rock, some are due to volcanic rock, some due to coral reefs mixed with local sand, some can only be explained by …

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