Electric Universe 2020:VISION

EU2020:VISION Electric Universe theory conference Thunderbolts Group

This years Thunderbolts conference on Electric Universe theories is from 4 to 7 June in Portland USA. The EU2020:VISION speakers include the main EU experts with some more alternative presentations from Dr Irving Wolfe, Edo Kaal, James Sorensen, Dr Jerry Tennant, Dr Franklin Anariba, Andrew Hall and Eileen McKusick. Explore the unified underpinnings of the …

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Electric Universe hypothesis?

Electric Universe Sun experiments SAFIRE

Are there hypothesis to test the whole Electric Universe theory? It seems unlikely. But you could be investigating specific models, which a team of scientists and engineers have done when looking directly into the plasma discharging Sun. One main experiment may struggle to falsify or confirm all the EU theories because they cover a planet …

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Reviewed by Peers: astrophysical plasma experiments

Peer reviewed space plasma laboratory experiments

Recreating outer space plasma systems in the lab is not the latest SAFIRE experiment or more from Anthony Peratt. … it appears that electric fields may have a significant effect on the dynamics of the electrons, and a very strong electric field trapping the electrons usually forms at the plasma-wall boundary in laboratory plasmas. Recreating …

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Frank Sinatra Supernova

stars supernova iPTF14hls

An ‘exploding star’ has totally baffled astronomers by repeatedly going supernova (core material ejection) and not diminishing then dying. iPTF14hl exploded 5 times over 2 years. It’s the astronomical equivalent of a horror film adversary: a star that just wouldn’t stay dead. When most stars go supernova, they die in a single blast, but astronomers …

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