The infinite effects of the Gravity or Magnetoelectric Universe?

Electric Plasma Universe

2 of the 4 fundamental forces are suggested to have an infinite range of effect, action at an infinite distance. These are the mysterious Universal Constant forces that are Gravity and the perhaps slightly more understood forces that are electromagnetic in nature. I am a betting man. Sometimes I even like a drunken gamble. There is a difference.

Dusty Plasma Cosmonogy

Dusty Plasma Cosmonogy

ALMA data can be interpreted as increasing the importance of dust and chemical element plasmas to the cosmology of stars, solar systems and galaxies for Big Bang theories and Plasma Universe based cosmonogy. Dusty star-forming galaxies are the most intense stellar nurseries in the universe… and they contain massive amounts of gas and dust… Such …

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Electric Universe hypothesis?

Electric Universe Sun experiments SAFIRE

Are there hypothesis to test the whole Electric Universe theory? It seems unlikely. But you could be investigating specific models, which a team of scientists and engineers have done when looking directly into the plasma discharging Sun. One main experiment may struggle to falsify or confirm all the EU theories because they cover a planet …

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Halton Arp’s Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies

Halton C Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies

Halton Arp’s Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies, published 1966 (website version or free PDF), showed interesting and mysterious collections of nebula with visually associated objects. But were these objects, such as the new and unknown quasars, physically related interacting and close to a galaxy? The redshift of the Big Bang theory and Einstein’s relativity says no, …

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Tired Light

Tired Light theory

Tired Light theory, forward scattering of Fritz Zwicky and Grote Reber’s investigation and interpretation. Or dead tired light? Interesting alternative redshift idea to consider and expand the mind but evidence proves it wrong? Reber was not a believer of the big bang theory; he believed that red shift was due to repeated absorption and re-emission …

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