red ochre

He holds the conch horn

acoustic archaeology Stonehenge

Archaeoacoustics interprets how structures were used and modified by our ancestors to create sound effects. Were red ochre spirals, dots and symbols used to highlight certain acoustic properties in caves, valleys and megalithic buildings such as Malta’s Hypogeum, Britain’s Stonehenge? Stonehenge archaeoacoustics The now old Archaeoacoustics monolith (book review) investigates paleoacoustics around the world and …

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Race walking

out of africa dna L3 australia aboriginal aborigine

Another example of shoehorning the conclusions of your own results into standard theory? Even if your own data does not and can not fit into the shoe? After fleeing out of Africa, their DNA mutating the instant they left the continent, part of the L3 wandering tribe went halfway across the world in only 20,000 …

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