Quartz sand castles


Rain transporting and depositing fine to medium grain quartz sand.

Geology pie in the Skye

meteors comets lava transmutation elements

Material only found in asteroids, comets and sites of massive shock wave geology processes ends up in various lava flows in Scotland. Unaltered meteorite osbornite found not melted in Isle of Skye what was flowing magma. Lighting strikes of plasma discharges on Earth observed to form fulgurites – sand fulgurites, rock fulgurites, glass fulgurites. Also …

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Lightning shocked quartz

Lightning geology electric universe

Should some meteorite impact shocked quartz and glass be credited as formed by lightning discharges? Dr Jay Melosh – Purdue University Distinguished Professor in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences – expands on the implications of a University of Pennsylvania 2017 paper. Melosh suggests that some meteorite glass found around the world might …

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Grand Canyon formation (Steinbacher)

grand canyon formation Aggregation attraction electrical sorting

How were the Grand Canyon and other canyons formed? What were the formation processes of canyons and mountains on Earth and other planets? Why according to standard geology does the Colorado Plateau show long term stability yet surrounding it there are amazing amounts of geological activity of mountain building, uplifting and rock deformation (folding and …

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