The natural state for moons

tidal locked moons planets earth moon rotation

Why is it the natural state for moons to be tidally locked with their parent planet? With only a few exceptions planets moons always have the same side facing the planet. The craziest exception is the Pluto system with planets/moons in orbital resonance but also with the moons having rotational chaos, apart from Pluto/Charon which …

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Triple point geology: Pluto

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Pluto’s surprising geology features and other physical features are suggested to be due to ice flow geology, especially when geomorphology is (or has to be) used. What do the latest scientific, geology, geophysicists theories coming from the NASA mission to Pluto suggest? Can they help give clues for some Electric Geology features seen on other …

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Pluto’s vibrant mountains?

Plutos mountains explained in an Electric Universe theory geology

How were Pluto’s amazingly smashed up and colliding looking mountains formed? great blocks of Pluto’s water-ice crust appear jammed together in the informally named al-Idrisi mountains. Some mountain sides appear coated in dark material, while other sides are bright. Several sheer faces appear to show crustal layering, perhaps related to the layers seen in some …

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Pluto ice shield volcanoes

planetary geomorphology earth mars pluto volcanoes

Have ice volcanoes been discovered on Pluto? You can try to find shield volcanoes on planet Earth or Mars that look like Pluto’s supposed ice shield volcanoes but it is difficult. If you can please comment below with the links. You can find perhaps one similar feature in a shield volcano but not a combination, …

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