Platypus theory

Rapid human evolution evidence and Homo Platypus

Paranthropus robustus Homo Platypus

More evidence suggesting that human evolution can happen relatively very quickly. Perhaps changes to lifeforms can be nearly instantaneous and it is not linear, more episodal?

Can you get a wide variety of hominins all naturally built using many different building blocks from previous and future versions of man and woman?

Frilled you made it after all these years

Prehistoric sharks life alive today

A dinosaur era frilled shark (same species fossil remains dated to the dinosaur/Cretaceous age) has been captured and then examined by scientists. Referred to by the Portuguese scientists as a ‘living fossil’ the frilled shark has remained virtually unchanged since this species shared the planet with dinosaurs. Remains of Chlamydoselachus anguineus have been dated back …

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Is Larry a mammoth evolutionary step?

Larry mammoth Columbian

Is Larry the odd tusked mammoth: An evolutionary step of the mammoth Just a juvenile large mammoth or deformed mammoth Evidence of electromagnetic evolution Evidence of ultra quick evolution The mammoth fossil found has 2 tusks but each individual one seems at first discovery glance to come from a different type of mammoth. The size …

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Natural building blocks of animals


Update 31/1/2017 Although an ancient bird it had already evolved some strange and unique characteristics for its kind. Or nature given it the information to instantly change its dna and be born with these new features?

Alien life on Earth?

octopus dna alien life on earth electric universe theory eu

Octopus DNA – alien life form living on Earth? Octopuses are flat-out weird. They have humongous brains, three hearts, eight arms full of tactile nerve endings, tastebuds, and neurons that allow the arms to “think” independently. The octopus has the weirdest DNA map scientists have ever seen Researchers have found a new map of the …

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