Plasma filaments

A nice cold Red Sprite?

Red Sprites plasma filaments

One unusual feature of sprites is that they are relatively cold – they operate more like long fluorescent light tubes than hot compact light bulbs. Sprite Lightning in HD | NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day This phenomenon occurs in the sky over our heads, not the sea. It is a type of lightning known …

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STEVE’s electric picket fence?

STEVE Electric Universe Plasma Cosmology

The wonderful STEVE Birkeland appearing in plasma shows in both hemispheres at the same time. A hemiSTEVE? The researchers also found the picket fence occurs in both hemispheres at the same time, supporting the conclusion that its source is high enough above Earth to feed energy to both hemispheres simultaneously. Scientists discover what powers celestial …

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New light ning discovered?


Has a new and mysterious type of ultraviolet light phenomena been observed by the Russian Lomonosov satellite? Normally bursts of these sorts are electric plasma lightning and thunderstorm related but the mystery is the skies and heavens were clear of clouds and thunderstorms. The MVL-300 spacecraft’s mission includes looking for upward lightning discharges and transient …

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Actual electric universe observed

electric universe plasma cosmology

What are the potential Peer differences? Superb images of actual plasma cosmology or is this actual image of a white dwarf feeding on material from a larger red giant 650 light years from Earth? the Mira variable pulses about once every year, and flares up to almost 1,000 times brighter than the sun. As it …

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Cosmic plasma jets accelerator

Cosmic plasma jets particle accelerators

The announcement from Stanford University National Accelerator Laboratory is Tangled magnetic fields power cosmic particle accelerators. Astrophysical jets accelerated by electromagnetic plasma forces, the observed electrical excitation of elements and particles including creating synchrotron radiation, has previously been proposed by the Electric Universe theory. SLAC researchers have found a new mechanism that could explain how …

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