Plasma double layer

A nice cold Red Sprite?

Red Sprites plasma filaments

One unusual feature of sprites is that they are relatively cold – they operate more like long fluorescent light tubes than hot compact light bulbs. Sprite Lightning in HD | NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day This phenomenon occurs in the sky over our heads, not the sea. It is a type of lightning known …

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Reviewed by Peers: astrophysical plasma experiments

Peer reviewed space plasma laboratory experiments

Recreating outer space plasma systems in the lab is not the latest SAFIRE experiment or more from Anthony Peratt. … it appears that electric fields may have a significant effect on the dynamics of the electrons, and a very strong electric field trapping the electrons usually forms at the plasma-wall boundary in laboratory plasmas. Recreating …

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Electric Universe spaceships

spaceships spacecrafts

With the solar system, galaxies seemingly connected by the plasma lattice could you travel along these electrified gas highways? NASA says it is a magnetic universe, combine that with a 99% plasma universe and you should have some form of universal natural power and potential differences? As well as the photon sail there have been …

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Plasma – What? Where?

plasma what is it space gas cosmology

What is plasma? Where is plasma? How does plasma do what it does? What is space plasma? Below are some quote and information on plasma, that is so important to the Electric Universe theory (EU theory) and obviously plasma cosmology and plasma mythology. More links and explanations of what is so important about plasma will …

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