Plasma circuits

Moon and Earth connections?

earth moon connection plasma magnetic electrical

Update 7/1/2017 Ions from Earth transferred to Moon when in our shadow. If it is an Electric Universe then what connections are there between the Earth and our Moon?

The mysteries of Mercury

mercury mystery mysteries planet puzzles magnetic geology

UPDATE: many planet Mercury mysteries but the key conundrum is why the planet contains an outsized iron core and only a thin veneer of silicate rocks.

BOOM! Io triggers Jupiter electromagnetic aurora explosions

jupiter io auroras polar trigger explosion not sun

Jupiter and its moon Io have been discovered to trigger polar auroras, apperantly without the Suns solar wind (plasma) triggering the aurora explosions. It seems that the electromagnetic/plasma circuit between Io and Jupiter can increase Jupiters massive polar auroras. The Sun is NOT involved or at least not the main provider of the energy event. …

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Galactic plasma bones

galactic bones plasma galaxy

Science seems to be finding evidence of galactic filaments, although they call them galatic ‘bones’ as they seem to be making up the skeleton of the universe. An Electric Universe would require galactic ‘circuits’ and these galactic bones including the Nessie bone are evidence of such plasma filaments in galaxies. Scientists are finding more evidence …

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