Plasma circuits

New explosive Deep Impact craters

Hayabusa 2 Deep Impact

What will happen when a metal cannon ball is smashed into the rock like asteroid Ryugu at 300 meters per second? Or when scientists hope to explosively create the peregrine falcon crater using explosives on its surface? Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 will attempt to collect a sample of rock from an asteroid on 22 February… …

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Dusty plasma cosmology: Jupiter and Io

magnetic universe electric jupiter io

Low or no thermal signals for Io’s volcanic explosion plumes. No need for volcanic heat. Ionised gases (plasma) containing dust like electrochemical particles moving in, through and part of Jupiter’s magnetosphere phenomenons. Transformation of chemical elements by electromagnetic forces flowing in the plasma wind. Charged material accelerating up their plasma fountain variation. “These results highlight …

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Electrochemistry deluges

chemical elements transforming transmutation

Water, hydrogen ions, chemicals, iron, nearly pure quartz sand created by electromagnetic/electrochemical processes in planets atmospheres and raining down. A scientific process in our solar system proposes water, Saturn, plasma material, magnetics – over 40,000 kilograms per second of electrochemistry rain. Earth now and in our past? Ring rain is highly contaminated with organic matter …

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Repeating catastrophe for Fast Radio Bursts

FRBs FRB 121102

Catastrophic bursts of Fast Radio Bursts theory? That initial FRB discovery paper, published in 2007, made some bold statements about the origin of that 30-jansky, 5-millisecond-long burst: it came from a cosmological distance, but within a gigaparsec; it did not repeat, indicating a catastrophic origin; hundreds of these bursts could be hitting the Earth every …

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Not black, not holes

not black not holes

Shock. Not black, not holes. Unfalsifiable black holes. New image by the Earth-to-Space Interferometer RadioAstron of a supposed BH and its incredible 3 light years long plasma jets (or Birkeland plasma filaments?). Some of these massive black holes eject spectacular jets composed of plasma flows at close to the speed of light, and which can …

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