Plasma circuits

Electromagnetic Galaxy and Universe

electromagnetic universe dusty plasma

Cigar Galaxy’s electrically charged dusty plasma current flowing through aligned magnetic fields. NASA suggests it is also a Magnetic Universe. Combined with observable 99% plasma mass in universe and you could also have an Electromagnetic Universe. All physical forces electrical in nature? the galactic wind flowing from the center of the Cigar Galaxy (M82) is …

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Polar hot spots are caused by Birkeland currents

The now accepted theory of sun-Earth Birkeland currents, what astro-physicists call magnetic ropes or flux ropes,[1] provides a mechanism to explain polar hot spots on planets throughout the solar system. CHANDRA x-ray data of Jupiter from 2000,[2] the Cassini image of Titan in infrared from 2009,[3] and Keck Observatory’s temperature data from Saturn in 2004,[4] …

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Pseudo-shock, its an Electric powered Sun

electric universe plasma stars

Disconnected tadpoles or plasmoids? No shock, pseudo or otherwise, these are plasmoid structures helping to power and part of the electromagnetic circuitry of an Electric Sun. Astronomers cognitive dissonance calls them disconnected tadpole pseudo-shocks with rarefied tails. Good theories predict. scientists noticed unique elongated jets emerging from sunspots – cool, magnetically-active regions on the Sun’s …

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Electric Sun: Herringbone plasma instabilities

solar plasmoids star sun electric universe

Solar plasma herringbones stuck in astronomers throats? Origin of EMF at different points on sides of CME, not the the supposed shockwave front of plasma shock bubbles. Natural particle accelerator version of CERN or acceleration from physical shock regions and heat? Shock wave bubbles or plasmoids? Astronomers using one of the most sensitive arrays of …

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New light ning discovered?


Has a new and mysterious type of ultraviolet light phenomena been observed by the Russian Lomonosov satellite? Normally bursts of these sorts are electric plasma lightning and thunderstorm related but the mystery is the skies and heavens were clear of clouds and thunderstorms. The MVL-300 spacecraft’s mission includes looking for upward lightning discharges and transient …

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