Plasma beads

Dusty Plasma Cosmology: Filaments powering stars

DR21 south filament and dusty plasma powering young stellar objects

Flowing and electromagnetically excited chemical elements turning on and supplying the energy for plasma electric stars?

” Star-forming sites are identified along the filament where gas temperature excesses. We find clear gradients in radial velocity and intrinsic line-width along the spine of the filament. The gradients can be well interpreted with a scenario of an accretion flow feeding DR 21 at a mass transfer rate of … “

Black Hole plasma jets

black holes jet knots beads plasma radio galaxy 3C 264

A Black Hole jet from the supposed supermassive Black Hole in radio galaxy 3C 264 has been observed by the Huddle telescope over the last 20 years to be emitting massive balls of plasma (electrically charged gas) and these beads have started to conglomerate into an even larger ball of plasma. Jets of highly energized …

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