Squatter Warrior

squatter man warrior fighter petroglyphs

Are Peratt’s Piper sometimes also squatter fighters, squatter man? Why are the warriors in a squatting pose? Was it Petra’s Nabataean civilisation’s normal fighting stance? Inscription found in eastern Jordan reads: ‘By Aqraban, son of Kasit, son of Saad, the beautiful woman, playing the reed pipes’, circa 100 BC to 100 AD The 16 Safaitic …

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Petroglyphs in Capitol Reef National Park

Capitol Reef National Park petroglyphs

Petroglyphs or plasmaglyphs carved into rock surfaces in Capitol Reef National Park, Utah, USA. Petroglyphs found in Capitol Reef National Park, in southern Utah, not far from the visitor center complex. These petroglyphs were created by the Fremont and Ancestral Puebloan people, roughly 3,000 years ago. Human figures (anthropomorphs), deer or game animals, circles and …

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Tour day 6: plasma petroglyphs

petroglyphs sun saturn plasma discharge

The geology tour around the Grand Canyon area entered its last day with the promise of viewing petroglyphs. Is there an unexplainable thing potentially more explained by plasma comparative mythology? An early start to try to avoid the immense heat of the day that the rest of the tour had enjoyed/endured, a decent walk beside …

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Tour day 5: Red Rock Canyon

Electric Universe geology tour Red Rock Canyon

Red Rock Canyon again provided another vista of different rocks, structures and strata on day 5 of the EU geology tour. The amazing variety in one place was similar to the previous days visit of Snow Canyon. How and why are there such pristine and very separate looking formations but so close together or on …

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Sun ‘spots’ ?

petroglyphs rock art dots cups spots cup and ring

One of the main puzzles with petroglyphs are what do they actually represent? These surreal images chipped into rock faces around the world could be interpreted as anything, mean anything, be anything. One of the sensible options for circular based rock etchings would be the Sun. But the problem is the variety of imagery that …

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