Peratt Instabilities

Oh My plasma God

Nabataean false doors Egyptian

What on Earth and in the Heavens did they witness. The tiny black doors to the what? Afterlife, the gods, void, darkness. The 4 pillars that they did not know was the sign of their own catastrophic death? The Peratt plasma column’s final stage before he suggests the last 4 filaments (pairs?) then snaps and …

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Squatter Warrior

squatter man warrior fighter petroglyphs

Are Peratt’s Piper sometimes also squatter fighters, squatter man? Why are the warriors in a squatting pose? Was it Petra’s Nabataean civilisation’s normal fighting stance? Inscription found in eastern Jordan reads: ‘By Aqraban, son of Kasit, son of Saad, the beautiful woman, playing the reed pipes’, circa 100 BC to 100 AD The 16 Safaitic …

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The instability of Peratt’s column?

axis mundi Anthony Peratt column

Anthony Peratt’s work on plasma instabilities and the special type of rock carvings known as petroglyphs – similar crazy psychedelic images chipped into rock around the world at the same time – has been used by the EU theory as potential evidence and explanation to help work out what might have happened in our past. …

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