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Squatter Warrior

squatter man warrior fighter petroglyphs

Are Peratt’s Piper sometimes also squatter fighters, squatter man? Why are the warriors in a squatting pose? Was it Petra’s Nabataean civilisation’s normal fighting stance? Inscription found in eastern Jordan reads: ‘By Aqraban, son of Kasit, son of Saad, the beautiful woman, playing the reed pipes’, circa 100 BC to 100 AD The 16 Safaitic …

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Borneo’s squatter man

squatting man mythology plasma history

More ancient Squatter Man cave art images, this time in Borneo. Why such a distinctive body but ethereal head if these represent human figures? Paint it black. Or purple Cave art in East Kalimantan can be grouped into three distinct phases. The oldest includes the reddish-orange hand stencils and animal paintings that mostly appear to …

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Plasma Cosmology debunked

Plasma Cosmology debunked theory wrong evidence plasma universe

Plasma Cosmology debunked – list of articles, forum threads, evidence, blogs arguing that the Plasma Cosmology theory is wrong. If you are wondering what is Plasma Cosmology then this person on the Physics Forums writes about this thoughts on its ideology and concepts compared or related to the Big Bang theory. Things related to the …

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