Particle accelerators

Cosmic plasma jets accelerator

Cosmic plasma jets particle accelerators

The announcement from Stanford University National Accelerator Laboratory is Tangled magnetic fields power cosmic particle accelerators. Astrophysical jets accelerated by electromagnetic plasma forces, the observed electrical excitation of elements and particles including creating synchrotron radiation, has previously been proposed by the Electric Universe theory. SLAC researchers have found a new mechanism that could explain how …

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Natures electromagnetic particle accelerators

natural electron particle accelerators

Particles and especially electrons accelerated by natural electromagnetic plasma forces are suggested and predicted by the Electric Universe theory, for example the Suns slow and fast solar winds (flowing currents of plasma). Astrophysical jets have been observed accelerating ionized gases (plasma) and electrons, with electron synchrotron radiation being emitted. Two jets of ionized matter with …

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Electromagnetically accelerating comets/asteroids

The mysterious Oumuamua, the comet/asteroid/comet that astronomy suggests is a visitor to our solar system, has been calculated as accelerating away from us and the Sun. Science theory suggests it has to be by gases emitted from its surface due to sublimation, although magnetic acceleration as a possible option was considered. Could Oumuamua be accelerating …

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Black Hole plasma jets

black holes jet knots beads plasma radio galaxy 3C 264

A Black Hole jet from the supposed supermassive Black Hole in radio galaxy 3C 264 has been observed by the Huddle telescope over the last 20 years to be emitting massive balls of plasma (electrically charged gas) and these beads have started to conglomerate into an even larger ball of plasma. Jets of highly energized …

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