Variations in Earth’s orbit

Variation in planets Earth's orbital

Changes in planet Earth’s orbit seem to be considered seriously by science theories. What were the causes of these orbital variations? Have the occurred more recent than theory suggests? Perhaps even being witnessed and described by previous cultures all around the world? What we showed is that even under natural conditions, it can become much …

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Electric Gravity

electric gravity electrical electromagnetic eu theory wal wallace theornhill

Electric gravity? What gravity actually is is still a mystery to science. We think we know what gravity does but we do not know why it does it. There are theories about gravity but what gravity really is has not been confirmed. Gravity is the weakest of the natural forces yet seems to have the …

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orbital resonance: solar system

solar system planets asteroids orbital resonances

Update 25/2/2017 – the TRAPPIST-1 system, a Jupiter like solar system discovered and suggested to have seven rocky Earth like planets, appears to have an orbital resonance between 6 of its 7 planets.

orbital resonance: stars and planets

orbital resonance frequency jupiter io

Planets have orbital resonance, where their orbits are somehow linked or locked into a precise frequency and harmony around a central point (normally that systems star). Binary star systems also have an orbital resonance, referred to as a Binary Star orbit, around the ‘center of mass of the system’. When the bodies are furthest apart …

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