Orbital resonance

Orbital resonances: Venus rose pattern

earth venus rose pattern orbital resonance

Is the ‘rose pattern’ that the planet Venus makes relative to its and the Earths orbit around the Sun over an 8 year period a sort of orbital resonance? Are other ‘sidereal patterns’ in our solar system also orbital resonances or just pretty patterns that have to occur?

orbital resonance: solar system

solar system planets asteroids orbital resonances

Update 25/2/2017 – the TRAPPIST-1 system, a Jupiter like solar system discovered and suggested to have seven rocky Earth like planets, appears to have an orbital resonance between 6 of its 7 planets.

orbital resonance: stars and planets

orbital resonance frequency jupiter io

Planets have orbital resonance, where their orbits are somehow linked or locked into a precise frequency and harmony around a central point (normally that systems star). Binary star systems also have an orbital resonance, referred to as a Binary Star orbit, around the ‘center of mass of the system’. When the bodies are furthest apart …

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