Orbital resonance

Turning Io into an electric generator

Jupiter Io

It could be Jupiter’s moons and surprising tidal gravity heating effects.

Or scientists can seemingly ignore everything they have actually measured in their surprising observable solar system. Was every single discovery of the Io Jupiter plasmoids circuit a surprise and not initially predicted? It is all models and which construct you go with.

The Council of Giants

orbital resonance council of giants galaxies

The Council of Giants are a man made definition of a space phenomena in our part of the universe, yet the the Council of Giants has an interesting feature. The Council of Giants are the brightest largest galaxies surrounding our Local Sheet of galaxies (basically local galaxies found in the elliptic plane of our part …

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Orbital resonant energy transfer?

stars harmony frequency energy

Are our Solar systems orbital resonances of asteroids, moons, planets and the Sun part of an orbital resonant energy transfer system? Are binary stars in orbital resonance part of a transfer of energy system? Eta Carinae’s stars energy transfer? What is fascinating about the 2 different stars of the Eta Carinae system is that each …

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Orbital resonance: Neptune and Pluto

Orbital resonance planets Neptune and Pluto

Another very significant orbital resonance system in our solar system is between Neptune and Pluto. In fact, there are resonances in our Solar System! The simplest case is the one between Neptune and Pluto. For every two orbits Pluto makes, Neptune makes exactly three. This is why it is impossible for the two bodies every …

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