Not out of Africa

Rapid human evolution evidence and Homo Platypus

Paranthropus robustus Homo Platypus

More evidence suggesting that human evolution can happen relatively very quickly. Perhaps changes to lifeforms can be nearly instantaneous and it is not linear, more episodal?

Can you get a wide variety of hominins all naturally built using many different building blocks from previous and future versions of man and woman?

Occam’s L3 modern humans

Occam’s L3 modern humans

If you need to conjure Back To Africa Migration L3 Eve, combined with always earlier and more anatomically modern human mass migrations Out Of Africa II and III, then your theories are not really predicting successfully.

Shoehominim theories

shoehorning theories theory

Shoehorning the interpretations of data to fit and create acceptable conclusions and theories? The discovery of a butchered rhino has led scientists to conclude early humans were in the Philippines as far back as 700,000 years ago… The excavation proves early humans colonised the Philippines hundreds of thousands of years earlier than previously believed, though …

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Denisovanucleic acid

L3 Out of Africa Denisovans

Mass human migrations and interbreeding due to catastrophes and conquests? Local rapid transformations of DNA or global changes in mankind genetics? Multiple multiple waves of genetically unique and new humanoids? Not L3 Out of Africa, or if it is then why or what was the electromagnetic trigger transmutation of those original African genes? •Asian genomes …

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Out of Africa alternative theories

Out of Africa alternative theories

The standard ideas on modern human evolution – Out of Africa or recent African origin of modern humans theory – is not the only idea on how the very different humanoid forms evolved around the world. Franz Weidenreich who died in 1948 suggested that the varying ancient races may have dipped into each others gene …

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