Chalk streams and ancient monuments

chalk streams silbury hill river kennett

Obviously people liked to live near rivers and the chalk streams (chalk rivers) of Norfolk and other areas of England and Britain have some famous houses, estates and ancient monuments beside them. Could some of them have been built beside these chalk streams due to their unique energy that seems to create such an amazing …

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Hunstanton beach balls mystery

Hunstanton cliffs norfolk geology strata boulders lines

Hunstanton in Norfolk, UK is famous for its three colourful strata and also the amount of fossils in the cliffs. Less famous but as interesting from a geology point of view are Hunstanton’s beach ball rocks that are found in straight lines. Are they just wave cut platforms? Are these boulder lines there because of …

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Coprolite mining – instant fossilization evidence?

coprolite shark fossilized dung fossil

Coprolite mining was a 19th century industry in England – involving the digging up of coprolites (fossilized dung), phosphate nodules and some septarian nodules for their phosphate to use on farms as fertiliser. One of the interesting things about Coprolite mining is the fact that you can have fossilised dung. Do Coprolites show rapid or …

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