New Horizons mission

Contact binary moons?

contact binary moon binaries asteroid comet

Asteroids and comets formed as contact binaries were a real surprise to astronomy and geology theory. Now contact binary moons? Astronomers are suggesting that the small moon of Kuiper Belt planet MU69 may have somehow been formed through collision and melting fusing together of larger space bodies. Earth-based observations suggest the small icy world, referred …

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Pluto: icy or rocky surface?

pluto surface rocky or icy

Is Pluto’s surface rocky or icy? Does it have an icy surface because of its atmosphere that has been observed? Or has science actually measured its surface and that is the result? Is the dwarf planet Pluto an icy planet as that is what planet formation theory suggests it has to or should have? Pluto’s …

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Comet Pluto?

comet pluto cometary active asteroid

Is Pluto the was 9th planet in our solar system now demoted to dwarf planet Pluto now going to be relegated even further to the class of comet Pluto? It may not have official planetary status, but the dwarf planet does have an atmosphere. In fact, it’s the only dwarf planet with a known atmosphere. …

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New Horizons mission to Comet Pluto?

new horizons comet pluto plasma

The New Horizons mission to Pluto, Charon and other Kuiper Belt Objects will be investigating Pluto’s electrical connection with our Sun and Solar System, through the Suns plasma (ionized gas) or solar wind as its called. What is interesting is they will be looking to see if Pluto is a ‘comet’ like planet. Comet Pluto? …

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