Nebular hypothesis

The flattening of Ultima Thule and contact binary theory

contact binary theory Ultima Thule Arrokoth

The walking speed collision then sticking and melting together of contact binaries was not original predicted and the theory is still unexplainable for the flattened shape of Ultima Thule lobes. This was the first trans-Neptunian object other than the planetary systems we have photographed and done a fly by. It is absolutely guaranteed that lots more TNO’s like Arrokoth (Ultima Thule) will be even weirder and totally unexplainable.

The infinite effects of the Gravity or Magnetoelectric Universe?

Electric Plasma Universe

2 of the 4 fundamental forces are suggested to have an infinite range of effect, action at an infinite distance. These are the mysterious Universal Constant forces that are Gravity and the perhaps slightly more understood forces that are electromagnetic in nature. I am a betting man. Sometimes I even like a drunken gamble. There is a difference.

Nebular hypothesis: radiation or excitation

Particles in electromagnetic fields can be energised and transformed. When particles, such as electrons, are excited then energy is radiated in various forms. The excitation of electrochemical elements can be seen in xrays, synchrotron radiation and other electromagnetic frequencies. Instead of dusty plasmas being compressed by the mysterious forces of unknown gravity and radiating heat, …

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Gravity impressionism

Gravity Universe or Electric plasma Magnetic Universe

This is a stock artist impression of gravity based cosmology of peer reviewed research papers and theories, from funded experiments. the most likely explanation for such an extended disk atmosphere is that the accreting star photoionizes the outer parts of the disk due to strong X-ray radiation, Psaradaki says. This phenomenon causes thermal instabilities, while …

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