Ceres predictions – atmosphere

ceres planet asteroid atmosphere

What will the giant asteroid Ceres or dwarf planet Ceres atmosphere be like? Will it be as mainstream science and astronomy suggest or will there be surprises? Will Ceres have surprising electromagnetic phenomena or will it be non electrical? Where does Ceres atmosphere come from? Is it only due to water vapour from inside as …

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Ceres predictions – surface

ceres dwarf planet surface

What will NASA’s Dawn spacecraft observe on the surface of the dwarf planet Ceres? Will it be as mainstream science and geology predict or will it be as the Electric Universe theory predicts? Or will it be completely different to both? Science generally seems to predict the Ceres surface with dust, ice and minerals. The …

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Ceres predictions – EU and Mainstream

ceres dwarf planet dawn nasa

NASA’s Dawn spacecraft is approaching the dwarf planet Ceres and will soon show close up images of the planet. What will they find? What will science interpret the results as? Will Ceres be as astronomy, mainstream science predicts with their planet and nebula formation theories or will it be very different? What does the Electric …

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