Equinox Spring tides

Super Moon spring tide

Why are spring tides near the equinoxes higher than a Super Moon spring tide (when a full moon is as close to our planet as it normally gets)? Why four tides in one day? Spring tides are named because the height of the tide springs back from low tides to spring up to a high …

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Electromagnetic Lunar Swirls

Magnetised Lunar Swirls

Lunar swirls may be the result of electrical sorting, attraction and depositing (electroplating) of material on the moons surface, according to a peer reviewed research paper. Due to possible ancient magnetised crustal structures such as lava tubes or dykes. Or perhaps in the past massive natural electric discharges transforming rocks. Or in the present day …

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Why is the Moon …

moon goddess dark chaos immanuel velikovsky

Why is the Moon not the second most important planet God in mythology? It is the largest object in the sky, at night it is sometimes so bright it can hurt your eyes, it seems to create two tides a day. Why is the Moon seemingly not empowered or feared like the mighty but far …

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The natural state for moons

tidal locked moons planets earth moon rotation

Why is it the natural state for moons to be tidally locked with their parent planet? With only a few exceptions planets moons always have the same side facing the planet. The craziest exception is the Pluto system with planets/moons in orbital resonance but also with the moons having rotational chaos, apart from Pluto/Charon which …

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Moon and Earth connections?

earth moon connection plasma magnetic electrical

Update 7/1/2017 Ions from Earth transferred to Moon when in our shadow. If it is an Electric Universe then what connections are there between the Earth and our Moon?