Michael Steinbacher

Electromagnetic Lunar Swirls

Magnetised Lunar Swirls

Lunar swirls may be the result of electrical sorting, attraction and depositing (electroplating) of material on the moons surface, according to a peer reviewed research paper. Due to possible ancient magnetised crustal structures such as lava tubes or dykes. Or perhaps in the past massive natural electric discharges transforming rocks. Or in the present day …

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Mars ocean tsunami scenarios

Mars ocean tsunami alternative theories

What are the EU theory explanations and/or alternatives of the recent suggestion of geological evidence (and computer modelling) of at least two Mars tsunamis created by meteor impacts in a now missing Mars ocean? Are they the result of what colossal event formed the Valles Marineris and perhaps other grand canyons on planets? It has …

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Grand Canyon formation (Steinbacher)

grand canyon formation Aggregation attraction electrical sorting

How were the Grand Canyon and other canyons formed? What were the formation processes of canyons and mountains on Earth and other planets? Why according to standard geology does the Colorado Plateau show long term stability yet surrounding it there are amazing amounts of geological activity of mountain building, uplifting and rock deformation (folding and …

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EU geology tour – USA – June 2016

EU electric universe theory geology tour

There will be an Electric Universe theory geology tour in the USA from 20 – 25 June 2016 mainly around Arizona. Just after the 2016 Thunderbolts conference in Phoenix, Arizona. This type of EU geology tour was previously run by Michael Steinbacher, who died last year. This years Electric geology tour is being held a …

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