2018 Mars meteorite impact crater?

meteorite Mars impact crater 2018

Is this a new meteorite crater on Mars? NASA image from 2018 appears to show a fresh Martian debris field from an explosive event of some kind. The news is, at this moment, only being promoted by the UK’s Daily Star, but due to time differences it may not have been reported in the USA …

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Piscid meteor shower mystery

Piscids meteorites shower puzzle origin

There are a number of mysteries about the Piscid meteor shower – what is the Piscids meteor shower source, why was it not observed much before, is it new etc? Usually considered the “highlight” of September, this meteor shower, like all showers visible during the month, has been poorly observed due to an overall lack …

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Geminid Meteor Shower puzzle

geminids meteor meteorite shower puzzle

The Geminids are a meteor shower that happens every December. NASA says astronomers consider it one of the “best and most reliable” showers of the year, but the shower actually did not start occurring until very recently (in astronomical and human terms). First reports of the shower emerged in the mid-1800s, but at the time …

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Not Gale central peak crater?

central peak craters mars gale crater

When is a central peak crater not a central peak crater? When its found in Gale crater on Mars and called Mount Sharp instead. Meteor impact craters often produce mountains or peaks in the middle of the crater, called central peak craters. Science suggests that these central peaks were formed by melting of rock from …

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