Gorleston-On-Stone Circle?

Gorleston stone circles druids East Anglia

Did the once historically very important Gorleston-On-Sea in Norfolk/Suffolk have an unusual for East Anglia stone circle and megalithic Dolmen? Before their supposed destruction in 1786 could you have called it Gorlestonhenge?

Or was it all the imagination and forgery for profit by the local prankster W E Randall who died in 1855? Randall appeared to be a writer because it has been suggested that in 1831 he was editing the Gorleston and Southtown Magazine.

Elongated skulls of ancient Malta – University project

Malta elongated skulls hypogeum

The intriguing, mysterious, conspiracy inspiring, ancient Malta’s elongated skulls are to be investigated in a combined Australian University and Maltese organisations project. The Everything is Electric (old) forum has a few posts, replies and images about Maltese elongated skulls buried and round at the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum and dolichocephalic found around the world. The Times …

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Chalk streams and ancient monuments

chalk streams silbury hill river kennett

Obviously people liked to live near rivers and the chalk streams (chalk rivers) of Norfolk and other areas of England and Britain have some famous houses, estates and ancient monuments beside them. Could some of them have been built beside these chalk streams due to their unique energy that seems to create such an amazing …

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