DREAMS of an electric Mars

Mars Martian electric

Schiaparelli, the latest mission to Mars, is designed primarily as a testing space craft for future ESA (European Space Agency) projects technology. It is also going to be testing for some forms of Martian electromagnetic phenomena. The European Schiaparelli probe may have to contend with relatively dusty conditions when it arrives at Mars. The spacecraft …

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Mars ocean tsunami scenarios

Mars ocean tsunami alternative theories

What are the EU theory explanations and/or alternatives of the recent suggestion of geological evidence (and computer modelling) of at least two Mars tsunamis created by meteor impacts in a now missing Mars ocean? Are they the result of what colossal event formed the Valles Marineris and perhaps other grand canyons on planets? It has …

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Pluto ice shield volcanoes

planetary geomorphology earth mars pluto volcanoes

Have ice volcanoes been discovered on Pluto? You can try to find shield volcanoes on planet Earth or Mars that look like Pluto’s supposed ice shield volcanoes but it is difficult. If you can please comment below with the links. You can find perhaps one similar feature in a shield volcano but not a combination, …

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What are Birkeland currents? Information, diagrams, links etc.

Kristian Birkeland

What are Birkeland plasma helical filaments, his field aligned electric sheets of currents, how are they formed and what scalable structures do they help create and power in this electromagnetic universe? As dusty plasmas move through electromagnetic fields this creates forces that define the evolving shapes. Willard Harrison Bennett pinches, plasma double layers, Birkeland sheets and spiralling filaments appear to not only connect and shape galactic formations, they also provide natural electrical energy through potential differences of plasmas and electrochemical elements.

Transmutations – silicon on Mars

transmutation iron silicon electromagnetic plasma mars

Transmutations of silicon into iron/hematite forms on the planet Mars by electromagnetic/plasma events in an Electric Universe? The presence of iron oxide in several different forms indicates that something not taking place on any large scale today did take place at some time in the past. Most Mars research groups speculate that there was once …

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