marklund convections

Marklund convection

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Marklund convection is an important process in Plasma Cosmology and for the Electric Universe theory (EU theory). Marklund convections create interesting results for plasma like Birkeland filaments (Birkeland currents). Are Marklund convections an essential part of planetary formations in our solar system for both rocky and gas giants? Does it also effect the structure of …

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What are Birkeland currents? Information, diagrams, links etc.

Kristian Birkeland

What are Birkeland plasma helical filaments, his field aligned electric sheets of currents, how are they formed and what scalable structures do they help create and power in this electromagnetic universe? As dusty plasmas move through electromagnetic fields this creates forces that define the evolving shapes. Willard Harrison Bennett pinches, plasma double layers, Birkeland sheets and spiralling filaments appear to not only connect and shape galactic formations, they also provide natural electrical energy through potential differences of plasmas and electrochemical elements.