Local extinctions by asphyxiation?

Local extinctions by asphyxiation

Did the death erection of some extinct animals, such as Mammoths, suggest they were killed by local and instant catastrophic mass mortality events, that also sometimes triggered autoerotic asphyxiation? In his article about the Indelicate Details of Alaskan Muck – that is pure Tim Cullen at his best – he explores the Sexual Habits of the Adelie Penguin’s, autoerotic asphyxiation, Beresovka Mammoth, postmortem Priapism, limnic eruptions (Lake Nyos CO2 example), close encounters with comets, gas asphyxiation and gas poisoning, Livor Mortis, and more.

Younger Earth or Older Earth?

Larry mammoth Columbian

How old are humans? How old are some groups history and myths? Or how young are recent catastrophic events? Is it an old Earth, young Earth or older Earth or younger Earth than standard science, geology and chronology suggests? Mentioned before but previously the geology evidence and theory suggested that the locals Nabukelevu volcanoes mythology …

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Is Larry a mammoth evolutionary step?

Larry mammoth Columbian

Is Larry the odd tusked mammoth: An evolutionary step of the mammoth Just a juvenile large mammoth or deformed mammoth Evidence of electromagnetic evolution Evidence of ultra quick evolution The mammoth fossil found has 2 tusks but each individual one seems at first discovery glance to come from a different type of mammoth. The size …

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