Magnetic universe

According to theoretical calculations

magnetic universe

Strongest magnetic field in universe directly detected by X-ray space observatory are the interpretation of data and the mathematics from the Peer Review Universe. But it really, really, really does depend on the construct of your Universe. If it is over 1 billion Tesla then more natural electromagnetic plasma processes can help start to explain it. Whatever your conclusions it shows that NASA’s (electro) Magnetic Universe is gathering force to overpower that old and weak Gravity’s Universe.

Dusty Plasma Galaxies

Electromagnetic Dusty Plasma Galaxies cosmology cosmonogy

Electromagnetic dusty plasmas spiralling around Galaxies, electrochemical elements flowing through galactic magnetic structures. NASA’s Magnetic Universe interprets The [electro]Magnetic Fields of Spiral Galaxy M77 as: Explanation: Can magnetic fields help tell us how spiral galaxies form and evolve? To find out, the HAWC+ instrument on NASA’s airborne (747) SOFIA observatory observed nearby spiral galaxy M77. …

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Magnetic monopoles

magnetic monopole

You can have magnetic monopoles in theory but can you have them in nature, in plasma cosmologies and in Electric Universe theory? As a child, James Pinfold adored magnets. He recalls marveling at the invisible force that clacked the metallic objects together or hurled them apart. Out of curiosity, he once sawed a bar magnet …

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Not black, not holes

not black not holes

Shock. Not black, not holes. Unfalsifiable black holes. New image by the Earth-to-Space Interferometer RadioAstron of a supposed BH and its incredible 3 light years long plasma jets (or Birkeland plasma filaments?). Some of these massive black holes eject spectacular jets composed of plasma flows at close to the speed of light, and which can …

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