Magnetic reversal

South Atlantic magnetic anomaly

south atlantic magnetic anomaly 1

South Atlantic magnetic anomaly – a mysterious place above the Earth where the Earths magnetic field acts strangely. Also, according to geology and astronomy this is due to something very strange in our planet or in its core. Because it could not be caused by anything else? A new study to Earths magnetic field measurements …

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Earths magnetic declination map varies over time. Why and how?

magnetic declination map diagram

The Earths magnetic declination is the angle of difference between where a compass points towards the geomagnetic north and the actual direction of true north. The planets magnetic declination changes all over the globe, from North America, UK, India to Australia. Even if you remained on the magnetic north pole it would change over time, …

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Earths magnetic reversals mystery

earth magnetic reversals mystery puzzle

Evidence for geomagnetic reversals of the Earth (magnetic flip where the old magnetic North is now magnetic South) seems to be fairly overwhelming. For once mainstream science, the Electric Universe theory and ancient civilisations mythology agree that some form of the Earth reversing has occurred in the past, perhaps multiple times. There also seems to …

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