Geoelectric volcanoes and magma

geoelectric geoelectricity volcano magma electric universe theory

More evidence of electric volcanoes with more volcanic magma around the world being discovered to be electrically conductive. made the discovery while studying a huge “anomaly” 15 kilometres beneath the currently dormant Uturuncu volcano in the Bolivian Andes. The anomaly, called the Altiplano-Puna magma body, slows down seismic waves and conducts electricity, unlike surrounding magma. …

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Definitely magma

magma definition

What is magma? Some scientific type people have suggested we need to define the term of what magma is (not its formation process). Magma: naturally occurring, fully or partially molten rock material generated within a planetary body, consisting of melt with or without crystals and gas bubbles and containing a high enough proportion of melt …

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Lava coils and magma transformers?

magma what is it

These molten magma ropes look almost like coils around a wire as used in transformers and other electrical components and circuits. These lava rope like structures known as pāhoehoe (pahoehoe) are from volcano’s. Could lava sometimes naturally create an electromagnetic coil and/or step up or step down transformers and other energy mutation mechanics? The magnetic …

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