Black Hole mergers and electromagnetic signals

black hole electromagnetic waves frequencies amplitude

It seems that black hole theory suggests binary black hole mergers have no electromagnetic counterpart. That is when you have 2 black holes spinning round each other very rapidly, getting closer together, colliding, merging, loss/conversion of energy, then forming a larger but less mass in total single black hole, then a ‘ringdown’ period, all in …

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Smallest rubbish in, largest rubbish out

garbage in garbage out computer models science

Are there any possible errors in the announced LIGO first detection of gravitational waves produced by the merger of a Binary Black Hole system? Any area’s that may need to be further investigated to justify the confidence rating of 99.99994% (5.1 sigma) that this was the first observation of gravitational waves? Which seems rather high …

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Career for peer (reviewed scientists)

Gravitational waves

With the first of what they say is confirmation of observation and detection by scientists of Gravity Waves and Black Holes, any projecting involving this field of astrophysics will have a favourable chance of funding compared to other science projects. Other Laser Interferometer experiments and gravitational wave detectors looking for Gravitational Wave data, like eLISA, …

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The Glory Holes

Gravitational Waves

First time black holes, binary black hole systems merging and Gravity Waves directly observed … through reverse engineering and predetermined results/theories? These were detected with the twin Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory (LIGO) project. Prof Stephen Hawking, who is an expert on black holes … This discovery is the first detection of a black hole binary …

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As predicted by Albert Einstein

Were Black Hole Gravitational Waves predicted by Albert Einstein himself and Einstein’s theory of general relativity? Albert Einstein seemed to have some doubts about Gravity Waves and changed his mind on the subject. Albert Einstein also seemed to not believe that black holes were possible. Yet some reports on the aLIGO experiment to find GW’s …

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