LIGO cold dose of dark reality

neutron star LIGO

Another alert from LIGO, again involving neutron stars, though in this case thier algorithms suggest it is possibly a single neutron star being swallowed by a black hole. Is it a dark dose of reality? “My team just froze; we were stunned by this – we hadn’t slept, but also we didn’t know if such …

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All aboard the Gravity train

All aboard the constant Gravity gravy train. Unfalsifiable funding, Constant careers, peer reviewed pensions, accepted awards. Scientists have subsequently devoted considerable resources to identifying dark matter in space, on the ground and at CERN, but without success. In 1998, a team of Australian and U.S. astrophysicists discovered the acceleration of the expansion of the universe, …

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Only a pair of Kings?

black holes

The LIGO algorithm has declared another monstrous supermassive black hole merger. Again between what were thought to be impossible massively supersized black holes. All four collisions detected to date involve black holes of a similar size. This has come as a surprise to many astronomers, including Prof Martin Hendry of Glasgow University. “They are more …

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All aboard the Gravy Wavy Train

gravy train

All aboard the peer reviewed Gravitational Wave gravy train starting from platform LIGO. Jobs, careers and reputations for life, not to mention pensions and honours, when you have completed riding the gravy train. After all, as long as it can be modelled using the filtered data, it is proved. It does not matter if the …

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